skiing, day two

The girls are doing great!  I am so impressed.  They are both going down the chair lift now and we got to ski with them this afternoon on the “big hills.”

Wyntie needed a potty break, so Curt stayed with her and Piper and I (with instructor) went all the way up.  Piper was awesome!  I was actually skiing in her tracks.  What a great feeling to be doing something so fun with your child.  I remember telling her when she was two and just learning to ski that one day mom & dad would be able to ski with her.  So it was sort of surreal to have her skiing along side of me ... I was trying to soak it all in absorbing the memory.  One of those “moments” a parent tries to file away.

Taylor & Ana are plugging along on their boards.  Both are pretty sore and pretty tired.  We are skiing at Snowmass, so tomorrow, we are all going to head over to Buttermilk and spend the day there on the kid trails.  Taylor & Ana are going to ski tomorrow and give the boards (and their behinds) a break.

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