pipers 'real' birthday

Piper is definitely my child ... she loves presents and everything ‘birthday!’

We got the best Piper grin ever when going into the girls room on her real birthday morning.  Our little six year old (who, btw, should be losing her first tooth on this trip ... very concerned the tooth fairy won’t find her here).

We had decorated our hotel room the night before with balloons and some noise makers and hats.  She was beside herself to see everything.  I forgot her birthday present at home, so we took her for a special shopping trip to the gift store ... she picked out a fresh pair of rubber flip-flops!

The charter we were supposed to take got canceled due to the high winds, so we stayed at the pool all day.  I had arranged a special dinner in the pool cabanas, but because of the wind we had it moved inside the restaurant.  Piper wanted to make sure everyone would sing to her ... and they did.  Our table was decorated with balloons and she had her own birthday cake.  She takes special care when it’s time to make her birthday wish.  I only wish I knew what she was wishing for ...

The kids finished with dinner before our meals came.  Wynter slept through dinner, she wasn’t feeling well.  So Taylor, Kirsten and Emily were taking the little girls back to the room when Taylor comes running in saying Wynter was throwing up outside.  Sure enough!  She’s standing in the bushes throwing up.  She went to bed early and was okay yesterday ... only to start throwing up again tonight.  I’m not sure what’s going on with her.  I hope she gets better soon.

Despite her sister’s illness ... Piper had an awesome end to her ‘birthdays’ ... Click here for birthday photos.  And click here for vacation photos.

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