my three girls

I realize I’m missing one in this picture, but that’s basically because Taylor is just weeks shy of being a teenager, therefore too cool to wear a matching swimsuit and pose for a photo with her sisters!  (Actually, she had slept over in Kirsten’s room and hadn’t surfaced yet ... but still, I feel like she’s abandoned us ... oh, that is until she wants a massage appointment in the spa!).

So today was the first day Piper & Wynter didn’t need their sun protection shirts.  Yeah, I basically burned them the first afternoon here!  You can see in the photo that Piper’s poor face is swollen like the time she got bitten by some foreign insect we could never find.  Hunter, for some reason is the only one who hasn’t gotten burned.  Except for sunscreen freak Curt ... although I guess he’s getting the last laugh.

We’ll be heading to the Exuma house tomorrow and our friends come in on Sunday.  Skye and Odinn will be meeting us over there tomorrow.  We’re looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Click here for vacation photos.

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