christmas vacation

We left the day after Christmas for Cancun. My sister’s boys came with us (Brett, almost 19; Justin, 15; and Sean, 14) and my mom and dad.

The weather wasn’t super great, but we were happy to miss the blizzard and freezing temperatures here!

I loved having the boys along and their cousins sure did too. But boy am I in for some trouble as these girls get older. I’m thinking God starts to prepare you for that next stage in your child-rearing years? At least praying He does ...

The little girls get up so early, that we need to go to bed early. The boys get up so late, that they go to bed so late! A whole new world for me.

I think it’s safe to say Wynter is officially a swimmer, she was all over the place keeping up with everyone. Piper loved surfing the big waves ... she’d get pounded and come up smiling!

Thanks everyone for a great time! Click here to see our photo album.

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