poor spike

So ... early November we had a follow-up appointment for Hunter’s last surgery. All was well with her adenoids, but while she was under they did a his-panel on her to check her immune level ... some of her levels came back a little low, so they wanted us to see an immune deficiency specialist.

We had her appointment last week, and thank God all her levels were normal. A few on the low side of normal, but completely normal. The only one he was a little concerned about was her tetanus level, so he gave her that vaccine again.

At the appointment, her chest didn’t sound good (she’s basically been sick since a couple days after her surgery), so he did a chest xray to check for pneumonia ... but all is well!

We do have a call in to see why she is so sick all of the time. Constant cough, sinus infection, etc. But praise God it’s nothing serious!

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