We are exhausted!  I was awake in bed last night when the girls got up, none of us could sleep (except Curt), so we made popcorn, lit a fire and watched a movie.

We had a really great time together.  It was difficult traveling that far with 5 kids (Taylor’s friend came with), but what an experience for them.  And really, when all was said and done, they were very good for being so far out of their element.

The weather was rainy when we got into Melbourne.  We bathed and changed clothes, slept for a while and then went down to the huge mall attached to our hotel.  We walked around and had some dinner.

It took everyone a good couple of nights before were on Australia’s time zone.

When we finally made it up to Bamaga for fishing, the weather was much better up there and we were sleeping through the night.  Bamaga is way on the northwest part of Australia.  We’re told many natives don’t even make it up there.

We stayed on a houseboat for 5 days.  Parked in a tributary river.  And then took smaller fishing boats through the rivers and onto the ocean for some reef fishing.  We all caught a lot of colorful fish.  A highlight was ‘chasing tuna’ ... we would watch where the birds were feeding and then following them for tuna.  Tuna are fun to bring in!

The trip home was ... well ... A LOT of travel!  The kids did great, and it was exciting having Cate Blanchett seated behind us!

We’re glad to be home and hope to recover from this jet lag soon ...

Click here to look at photos of our vacation.

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